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68 Marginal Way, 4th Floor, Portland, ME 04101
Dedicated to Excellence in the Medical
and Surgical Treatment of the Foot and Ankle

Patient Information in Portland, Maine

Our doctors and staff pride themselves in prompt and courteous treatment of conditions ranging from minor foot problems to major reconstructions of deformities.
On your first visit, you will be interviewed about your medical history and your present health. One of our doctors will then examine you to determine the nature of your ailment. Once the doctor has diagnosed your problem, they will explain your problem to you and will schedule you for the proper treatment and care

New patients

Thank you for choosing Portland Foot and Ankle. Please print out the following forms and fill out prior to seeing us for the first time. If you need assistance, please give us a call at 207-879-1339 and we'll be happy to help.
 Foot & Ankle Fractures - Podiatry in Portland, ME
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